icorating5.png BEST BANG FOR BUCK!!!

Posted by Aaron

 I am very new to go karting, but luckily my kart had a stock 212 predator (with a performance header already installed).  Since this is just a for fun hobby my wife as imposed tight budget restrictions. So I knew if I wanted to make this thing fast  (obviously) I would have to be very careful with my purchases. I quickly decided the "212cc Predator Performance Air Filter, Adapter & Upgrade Jet" was the best way to start my project.

After a slight issue with the shipping (not Gopowersports fault, the shipper will remain nameless) that I've chalked up to the time of the year it is with the holiday season. In a true show of AMAZING customer service Go Powersports immediately resolved the situation before it really ever became one!

The kit comes exactly as advertised and as specified!! I chose the blue kit with yellow netting and it really changes the appearance of the engine.  But the great looks and ease of installation pale in comparison with the performance improvement!! To say it wakes up this engine would be an understatement! It improves power from idle to as far as you can Rev it! Throttle response and drive ability are also noticeably improved both in GPS data and the much more important seat of the pants-o-meter!

If I hadn't been fortunate enough to have already had the performance header I would have certainly gotten the header option. It is the combination of better air flow in (air filter and adaptor), more fuel (bigger carb jet & e-tube), more air out (performance header). Addressing all areas of engine performance at once gives you the largest improvement while laying the necessary foundations for all  future upgrades!

Next up:
Torque Convertor!
Billet flywheel (non hemi)!
Better valve springs!
Although new wheels and tires are probably going to be the next upgrade (safety)  I am currently running on mix-matched wheels and tires from garage donations 12-8 (or9)-6 and 11-6-6 because with the speeds this thing is doing it is very difficult to control!

Great job Go Powersports!!!  You've gained a customer for life!


icorating5.png Great Upgrade 

Posted by Jeffrey B.


I purchased the live axle kit with the disc brake, large tires, and 3 hole flange upgrades and mounted it on the back of my kids go kart. I already had purchased the 212 Predator motor and TAV30 torque converter set up. Customer service was excellent for answering a few questions, product was delivered in good shape. After a little welding, a new throttle cable and some mods to the brake linkage, we now have a go kart the kids love to drive, is safer, and seems to stand up to the abuse they throw at it. GoPowerSports has helped give my kids the opportunity to make some great memories and made it simple for me and them to make. Thanks.


icorating5.png The Right Part 

Posted by Uncle Rico

I ordered the Tav 30 75 as part of an ugrade to a complete go cart kit. It should have had 1 12 tooth sprocket and 1 10 tooth sprocket, but I got 2 12 tooth sprockets by accident. I used customer service to contact go powersports and the problem was immediately rectified! I recieved the right part in 3/4 days. Thanks GoPowerSports!!

icorating5.png GREAT PRODUCT
Posted by Optimus Prime

I recently installed the header pipe, air filter and carb jet. BIG difference in performance! Definitely increased acceleration. Very easy to install. Overall a great product at a reasonable price. Highly recommended!

Thanks GoPowerSports

icorating5.png  Exceeds expectations!!!! 

Product: Go Kart Mechanical Brake Disc Kit
Posted By: David H.
This brake is the best option for our project!!! Simple and easy to use. The prices at are the best... Thanks!!!!!!!

icorating5.png PERFECT 

Posted by: Shannon

Spent 5 min on the phone with the team and before I could explain what all I needed he had it out the door. Very Very Knowledgeable staff! I love dealing with these guys.

Mini Brake Pads
Posted By: Joel King

Always have what I need for our mini bike and go kart. Accurate descriptions and fast shipping. These brakes work great!

Quality Products with Outstanding Customer Service
Posted by K. A. Stewart

I ordered a Torque Converter Weight Assembly 20/30 series, 200344 and it was a perfect match! Thanks to GoPowerSports, I did not have to buy the entire torque converter. By the way, I purchased it at a great price! I highly recommend this product and this company. 

Reviewer: charles bass from san antonio, TX United States

I have a 1972 dune cat - have had such a hard time getting parts- last week by chance I got hooked up with GARY- that was my lucky day. This man knows his stuff. He is invaluable to the off road buggy enthusiast . I simply told him what was the problem and he put together a package of parts that is on their way- making one granddaughter a very happy little girl and grandpa happier so now i can get on to my garden. THANKS GARY FOR BEING THERE A GO POWER SPORTS- you were a life saver. thanks so very much Charles and Sandra Bass San Antonio , Texas. I GIVE THIS MAN A 6 ON A 5 STAR CHART.

Go Cart Wheels

Reviewer: Travis Swank from Olivehurst, CA United States

Called and talked with Gary about a wheel I was having a hard time finding. He checked and saw he was out of inventory. He then took the extra effort to walk out and check in the warehouse......... not leaving me on hold but rather talking to me on the way out. I could hear him rustling around and low and behold he found one lone wheel with my name on it. Great customer service and a pleasure to do business with.

Need a sixth star for rating. Thanks Gary!

Reviewer: Anonymous Person

I was pleasantly surprised with my spindles when I got them. They fit almost perfectly. Also, the customer service associates were EXTREMELY helpful in helping me figure out which spindles would work with my Manco Dingo go kart

Fast, Easy, Profesional
Reviewer: Peter Adamo from Adams, TN United States

All and all I was extremely satisfied with the service! Disc fit like it should have and I'm one day closer to acting like a kid!

Parts Order 

Reviewer: CW CUNNINGHAM from REMINGTON, IN United States

thanks for the help I had no idea what I needed for my rattler lxt, they knew just what I needed, what the part no# was and at a good price great service,and prompt delivery thanks again