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  • 30 Series Belt, 669 30 Series Belt installation

    30 Series Drive Belt, 669/725/788

    30 series drive belts used on aftermarket TAV kits (218352AM), Trailmaster Mid size karts, Trailmaster MB200 mini bikes, and the Hammerhead 80T / Mudhead karts.  Look at the top of your belt for the number 669, 725, or 788.   GoPowerSports...

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  • 203589-5959 203589-5959

    30 Series Drive Belt 203589 / 5959 / 729

    Popular go-kart drive belt used on most Manco, American Sportworks and Ken-bar karts with 5hp-7hp engines. Also used on the Comet TAV2 bolt on torque-a-verter kit.   This is a 30 series asymmetrical flat on one side and angled on the other...

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