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FedEx Delivery Manager

Residential recipients sign up at for these free options:
  • Visibility to Express, Ground, Home Delivery, and SmartPost packages to and from their home addresses (without tracking numbers) via:
    • Email, text, or phone
    • Calendar or list views
  • Ability to designate delivery dates and locations for Express, Ground, and Home Delivery packages:
    • Delivery to specific areas at the original address (e.g., next to the garage or with a neighbor)
    • Hold packages at FedEx-staffed World Service Centers (WSCs) or FedEx Office locations
  • Subscribe to 6 proactive notification event types
  • Set up online or manual Indirect Signature Required (ISR) services
  • Set up vacation holds (no delivery attempts on specific dates)
  • Access via FedEx Mobile
Residential recipients pay additional fees for:
  • Deliveries to different addresses
  • Scheduling deliveries at specific dates, times, or dates and times