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TrailMaster Mid Go-Karts

  • TrailMaster MID XRX Go-Kart (TM-MIDXRX) TrailMaster MID XRX Go-Kart Red Front Driver

    TrailMaster MID XRX Go-Kart

    If you're looking to get a bit more out of your go-kart then you might want to consider an upgrade to this TrailMaster MID XRX. This fantastic go-kart is the perfect vehicle for intermediate riders, but still provides ample fun for those who have been...

    Retail Price: $2,649.95
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  • TrailMaster MID XRS Go-Kart (TM-MIDXRS) Red Front Driver TrailMaster MID XRS Go-Kart (TM-MIDXRS) Black Front

    TrailMaster MID XRS Go-Kart

    There's nothing better for beginners than this TrailMaster MID XRS. This isn't because the go-kart is more simplistic in its speed or design, but largely due to the fact it requires very little maintenance from the rider. Simply fuel up and get ready to...

    Retail Price: $2,099.95
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