GoPowerSports 180 Minibike Race 2021

Posted by Jason @ GoPowerSports on 24th Oct 2022

GoPowerSports 180 Minibike Race 2022


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"180 Minute Minibike Race that'll test you and your bike to the limit!"

Author Jason Merrell / CMO / Published: Jul-07-2022

Nothing gets my heart pounding like a good, ol' fashion, race!

Hey Race Team!

We have started a yearly tradition of holding an endurance minibike race called the GoPowerSports 180. This is an off-road course currently held at our GoPowerSports Ranch in Graford, Texas. 180 minutes of non-stop action as you weave and jump through a 6 mile course. Whoever covers the most ground in 180 minutes is the winner! Pretty simple right? Your obstacles include a sea of racers who all want to bring home the trophy, a minibike that you hope is durable, and fatigue. To help out with that last obstacle (fatigue), you are allowed a team racers but all must use the same minibike. Some may ride the whole 180 minutes, while others swap out with team members every lap.

The GoPowerSports 180 Minibike Race has been split into different divisions depending on the minibike.

  • Hardtail Division: Minibikes with no rear suspension (Front suspension is allowed in this division, ie Mega Moto 212, Coleman CT200EX/BT200X, Baja Warriors)
  • Softail Division: Minibikes with Full Suspension (ie TrailMaster MB200 & Hurricane)
  • Junior Division: The Juniors (under 15 yrs of age) will race on a shorter track before the Main Event

Minibike Rules for all Divisions:

  • Outlaw Engine allowed
  • Must Pull Start
  • 4-Stroke Engine
  • 10" Wheel Max
  • No Gears
  • Handlebar Kill Switch

This is a weekend event with camping allowed on site. We will have our favorite YouTubers down to race with us and an award ceremy after the race. Check out our 2022 Track and Rules Recap below. Nothing is like being there in person though, so we hope to you out there!

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