Mini Bike Build: Stage 4 Mega Moto 80

Mini Bike Build: Stage 4 Mega Moto 80

Posted by Jason Merrell on 6th Feb 2020

Hey Race Team!  Wanted to show off a popular build in the GoPowerSports Garage.  Since we have hit an influx of MegaMoto parts and frames, we have put together a bad little bike that is great for racing, cruising, and/or showing off.  

Parts List:

Mega Moto 80/105 Frame

Front Suspension Kit

Mega Moto Seat

Mega Moto Adjustable Motor Mount Kit - Fits the stock Mega Moto Engine mounting holes

15" Ultimate Street Tires

6" Front Wheel

6" Rear Wheel

Mega Moto Handle Bars

Handle Bar Riser Clamps

Throttle Housing w/ Cable

Red Grips

Handlebar Kill Switch

Hydraulic Brake Kit

Bigger Rear Caliper - Swapped this caliper out with the mini caliper

Brake Disc 6 Hole

KOSO Tachometer - Good to know what RPMs you're spinning.  Easy to install.  This is a real reading too, this bike hit 9900 RPMs.

212cc Non-Hemi Predator Engine

.292 NH Cam

Billet Connecting Rod +.020

Flat Top Piston

ARC Billet Short Fin Flywheel

Racing Head

Champion Rocker Arms

.045 Fire Ring Head Gasket

NGK Spark Plug

Hot Ignition Coil

28mm Mikuni Kit

Pulse Inlet Fitting

Red Fuel Line

Gold/Gold #420 Chain

Chain Roller

Universal Sprocket Adapter

Split Sprocket #41/420

F&B Low Center Exit Pipe - We readjusted the pipe to fit the frame

Silicone Header Pipe Sleeve

Good luck on your next build and hope this helps to inspire you.  See you at the races!