Pull Start Picnic 2023

Posted by on 11th Aug 2023

Pull Start Picnic 2023

Pull Start Picnic Minibike Show 2023 | Hosted by GoPowerSports

The 1st Annual Pull Start Picnic 2023 Minibike Show was a huge success! Contestants from all over the world gathered in Fort Worth, Texas to compete in six different Minibike categories: drag, micro, vintage, off-road, wild, and rat.

The competition was fierce and the minibikes were top-notch. The drag category was definitely a crowd favorite, with minibikes capable of reaching speeds of over 90 mph! The micro category showcased some of the smallest bikes with great design. The vintage category brought out some classic minibikes that were beautifully restored and maintained. The off-road category was exciting to watch trickle in as these dirt monsters made their way in to the show. The wild category had some truly unique bikes with unconventional designs. And the rat category showcased some rough and rugged minibikes with a lot of character.

The judges had a tough job deciding on the winners, but in the end, the following bikes took home the top prizes:

- Drag: "Gold Digger" by Cleve
- Micro: "Side Car" by Chad Whitley
- Vintage: "Kawasaki Coyote" by Harley Rangel
- Off-road: "Fake KTM" by David Sidoti
- Wild: "Godzilla" by John Canu
- Rat: "Twinzel Washington" by Manuel Roman
- Pate Award: "Red Rocket" by Cars & Cameras

Aside from the competition, there were also vendors selling Minibike parts and accessories, as well as food trucks serving up delicious eats. It was a great atmosphere for Minibike enthusiasts to come together and share their love for these unique bikes.

Overall, the Pull Start Picnic 2023 Minibike Show was a huge success and we can't wait for next year's event! More on Pull Start Picnic 2024 HERE.

Gold Digger Drag Minibike