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  • Shock, 8.625"

    Shock, 8.625"

    Fits on TrailMaster Mid S Go Kart, 8 7/8" center eye to eye. Rear Shock Fits on our Leading Link Suspension Kits.  Works great with go-karts and other minibikes. 8-5/8" Center Eye to Eye. 3/8" Mounting Holes.   KDMIDSRSHOCK - Used on...

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  • Shock, Heavy Duty 12" (AZ1700-246 / 12015) Shock, Heavy Duty 12" (AZ1700-246 / 12015)

    Shock, Heavy Duty 12"

    The Heavy Duty 12" Shock is a rugged and durable shock absorber designed to handle the toughest conditions. It is ideal for heavy-duty vehicles and machinery that require a high-performance shock absorber. With a 12" length, it is suitable for use in a...

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  • Shock, Standard 12" (AZ1700-19)

    Shock, Standard 12"

    The Standard 12" Shock is a reliable and high-quality shock absorber that is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. This shock absorber is compatible with a variety of vehicles and machinery and is perfect for those who are looking for a...

    Retail Price: $46.59
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