Mini Bike Build: Dooblebug DB30 "Dragon"

Mini Bike Build: Dooblebug DB30 "Dragon"

Posted by Jason Merrell on 12th Jun 2020

What's up Race Team!?

Excited for this build for quite some time.  A pink, Dooblebug DB30 was laying around the shop and we turned that Doodlebug into our drag bike named "Dragon".  This transformation was a beauty to see.

As you can tell, the Dooblebug has been chopped and new rear end was fabricated.  Used the original front forks but welded on a straight across bar for the handles.  The Powder Coater did a great job with the hammered look to give this bike it's dragon scales.  Shout out to Voodoo Saddles for the beautiful custom seat as well. - not seen but would be a sweet add-on

Dragon has a custom rear wheel assembly.  We currently carry a kit that would do accomplish the same thing.

We like to take our Mini Bike Hydraulic kit and install a go-kart caliper.  More horsies call for more stopping power.

Silver Velocity Stack - Coming Soon

- Running the .308 Cam along with 1.2 Gage Ultra Lite Blue Rockers

Can't wait to see you guys on the drag strip.  Race Team, take care and be safe out there.