Hurricane vs Megalodon

Posted by Jason Merrell on 29th Feb 2024

Let's dive into comparing the trailmaster hurricane 200x and the megalodon mega moto 212 minibike kit from gopowersports

Which Minibike Is Right For You?

Are you in the market for a new minibike and can't decide between the TrailMaster Hurricane 200X or the Megalodon Mega Moto 212 Minibike Kit from GoPowerSports? Both of these minibikes have their strengths and are great options for different types of riders. In this blog, we will compare the two and help you make an informed decision.

Minibike comparison chart between the trailmaster hurricane 200x minibike and the megalodon mega moto 212 minibike kit.
Minibike comparison chart between the trailmaster hurricane 200x minibike and the megalodon mega moto 212 minibike kit.
Minibike comparison chart between the trailmaster hurricane 200x minibike and the megalodon mega moto 212 minibike kit.

Do you want to build a minibike from the ground up? This answer will let you know which of these off-road minibikes is best for you. For the builder looking for their next garage project, the Megalodon is the way to go. No welding is required. All bolt-on parts and most consumers will have most of the essential tools to assemble. This process is a whole experience and can be very gratifying. Think of it like 'grown-up' Legos, only this time you can go places you have only ever dreamed of. There is a complete video tutorial on assembling the Megalodon and a support team to help you along the way, just in case you need it. If this seems too daunting, then the TrailMaster Hurricane 200X Minibike may be a better fit. The TrailMaster Hurricane 200X comes mostly assembled, with only the front wheel and handlebars needing to be attached.

Build Time:
The Hurricane 200X can be assembled in 30-60 minutes, depending on the skill level of the consumer. The Megalodon, on the other hand, can take up to 4-8 hours to assemble, depending on the consumer. You'll need to be able to saw or grind off part of the Megalodon frame and service the brand-new engine. The electrical units will also need to be hooked up as well.

The TrailMaster Hurricane 200X can only be shipped in the contiguous 48 United States due to regulations, while the Megalodon kit can be shipped worldwide.

Power Unit:
The Hurricane 200X is powered by a Jiang-Dong 196cc Engine (6.5HP), while the Megalodon comes with a much more powerful Tillotson 212EE Electric Start Engine (around 9HP).

The Megalodon Minibike comes with an electric start Tillotson 212 Engine.

Tillotson 212EE Electric Start Engine on the Megalodon Minibike

Engine Start:
The Hurricane 200X has a recoil pull-start, while the Megalodon has an electric key start and recoil pull-start. This convenient feature is definitely a luxury item.

The Megalodon has a battery box kit for electric start and headlight, while the Hurricane 200X does not have a battery.

Both minibikes come with a headlight. The TrailMaster Hurricane 200X Headlight is powered by the engine's coils, meaning the light will only turn on when the engine is on. The included 12V Battery will power the Megalodon's headlight.

Engine Upgrades:
The Hurricane 200X comes with a stock 6.5HP Engine. Upgrades are available separately. The Megalodon has an MM212 Stage 1 Performance Kit that adds 2-3 More Horse Power. Add Tim Allen's Tool Time grunts

The Hurricane 200X sits higher at 28" from seat to ground, while the Megalodon sits around 25". The lower Megalodon feels like a cruising motorcycle and is excellent for those who like feeling closer to the ground. The taller Hurricane has more of a dirt bike, an upright feel. You can add taller tires and shocks for an even higher stance if you want to upgrade. These frames are vastly different. The Hurricane 200X is single-tubed chiefly, and the Megalodon would be mostly double-tubed. Both are made out of heavy wall steel, but the double tube of the Megaodon makes it feel so much sturdier.

The Hurricane 200X comes with the Rear Suspension already stock with the minibike. The Megalodon includes a Rear Swing Arm kit that needs to be installed. No welding is required, but you must use a saw or angle grinder to cut the minibike frame. This kit includes adjustable Nitrogen Shocks, which are pretty premium. Both minibikes come stock with front suspension.

Megalodon front hydraulic brake and front tire

Megalodon Minibike Hydraulic Brakes

TrailMaster Hurricane 200X Minibike front hydraulic brake

Hurricane 200X Minibike Hydraulic Brakes

Both minibikes have front and rear hydraulic brakes.

Torque Converter:
Both minibikes come with a 30 Series Torque Converter. However, the Megalodon's torque converter is off a mounted jackshaft, which puts the sprocket on the right rear.

The Hurricane 200X Minibikes comes with 19x7-8 aggressive off-road tires, while the Megalodon comes with 19x7-8 v-tread tires. Both are good for off-roading.

Gas Tank Options:
These minibikes come with gas tanks mounted on top of the engines. Upgrades are available if you need more fuel capacity. The Hurricane 200X can add a 1.6-gallon motorcycle style tank, while the Megalodon can add a .9-gallon Unitank.

Cargo Rack:
Both minibikes come with a rear cargo rack. This is great for storing tools, spare parts, or even lunch!

The Hurricane 200X comes with an MSO, Manufacturer's Statement of Origin. Some offices will allow you to register your Hurricane 200X Minibike after you've made the appropriate upgrades to make your minibike street legal. Or you may need this for insurance purposes. The Megalodon does not have this certificate since it is in kit form.

Who is this for?
The Hurricane 200X is ideal for everyone from beginners to advanced off-road adventurers. It is the best-selling minibike on the market and has tons of upgrades available. However, it is only available in the US. On the other hand, the Megalodon is perfect for builders looking for a project. It has an electric key start, a powerful engine, and a durable frame and sits lower to the ground. It is available in both the US and abroad.

In conclusion, the TrailMaster Hurricane 200X and the Megalodon Mega Moto 212 Minibike Kit from GoPowerSports are excellent options. The Hurricane 200X is best for those who want a reliable, ready-to-ride minibike with the option to upgrade, while the Megalodon is more suited for those who want a project and prefer a lower ride. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your preferences and intended use. There is also nothing wrong with having two minibikes either.

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Megalodon Mega Moto 212 Minibike Kit is fully featured
Megalodon has a battery operated head light with an on and off switch
Megalodon Rear Swing Arm Kit comes with adjustable Nitrogen Shocks and Hydraulic Rear Brake
The best mini bike for sale near your
The megalodon minibike kit and the trailmaster hurricane 200x minibike review.
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