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GoPowerSports Performance

  • Super 30-75 Jugg-A-Verter Juggernaut Kit Juggernaut Driver

    Super 30-75 Jugg-A-Verter

    This is a quality after market reproduction of the Comet made TAV2 Torque converter kit. Designed to be used on Go-karts, Mini-bikes and Wake wrenches with engine sizes 3HP to 7HP. This is a must on...

    $261.87 - $290.23
  • Crankshaft, Stroker, 56mm/2.205" Stroke

    Crankshaft, Stroker, 56mm/2.205" Stroke

    High quality heat treated "stroker" crank. The entire crankshaft is heat treated resulting in a beautiful finish, less flex at high rpm, and more reliability then stock cranks and cheaper options...

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  • HOT265 Camshaft (212cc Non-Hemi Predator)

    HOT265 Camshaft (212cc Non-Hemi Predator)

    Perfect cam for a wide range of applications. Because of the advanced exhaust center line and the wide lobe separation, this cam has tons of power from the bottom end of the rpm range all the way to...

    Retail Price: $104.70
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  • GoPowerSports 780 TAV Kit 18 to 30 HP

    GoPowerSports 780 TAV Kit 18 to 30 HP

    The Ultimate Bolt On Torque Converter Kit for 18-30 HP engines. This TAV Kit is ideal for the Predator 670cc and similar engines.  Many use this set up for golf-carts. Comes with a custom...

    Retail Price: $1,041.70
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  • 24mm Flatslide Mikuni Carb Kit 24mm Flatslide Mikuni Carburetor Kit (KD24MMFS)

    24mm Flatslide Mikuni Carburetor Kit

    This is a complete bolt on carburetor kit designed for 6.5hp clones, Hondas, and predator engines. The 24mm Mikuni Flatslide will provide you with some serious bolt on power and will work with a huge...

    Retail Price: $448.97
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