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Mini Bike Build: TrailMaster MB200 Gambler Bike

Mini Bike Build: TrailMaster MB200 Gambler Bike

Posted by Jason Merrell on 5th Mar 2020

What's up Race Team?!

Ever since our first Gambler Endurance race in 2019, we have been anxious to build a bike for the 2020 season.  We set out to build a powerful bike that would be durable enough to attack the terrain yet comfortable to endure the 100 mile race.  The TrailMaster MB200-2 was the perfect mini-bike to start out with.  Front and rear suspension, wide frame, and rear hydraulic brakes are huge positives when competing in an Endurance race.  Below are the list of mods on our MB200 Gambler Bike.

We beefed up this minibike to withstand more abuse.  The front suspension was also modified to keep it secure to the frame.  Moved the front foot pegs back for a more aggressive stance.  Snubbed the rear rack for a cleaner look.

Larger Fuel Capacity means we can stay out on the field longer.  We took the fake plastic gas tank and fabricated the Generic Motorcycle Gas Tank on to the frame.  Holds 1.6 Gallons and is a huge cosmetic upgrade. - (our sticker makes anything beautiful!)

We are fans of everything from Biltwell.  Their style of grips is a great touch to any bike.

We added a Front wheel hydraulic kit to our Gambler bike for extra stopping power.  It may be overkill, but it is great having confidence in your stopping power if anything bad were to happen.  Also went with bigger 20x7-8 tires. - (We used Kenda Scorpions on this bike)

Here's the main difference maker...the 225 Tillotson Performance Engine.  The 225 Tillotson block can be seen on the Tillotson T4 Flat Track Karts and when you put them on a mini-bike...LOOK OUT!  This has to be the best small block engine on the market.  Straight out of the box, the 225 Tillotson Performance Engine easily puts out +17 Horse Power.  I like to describe this 225 Engine as a 'high'.  Once you have felt the power of this engine, no other small block compares to it.  You can feel the power with just a simple flick of the wrist.

24mm Mikuni Flatslide on the 225 Tillotson Engine is like peanut butter with jelly.  They just work well with each other. - Uni Filters are a great upgrade for the Oregon Gambler.  There is so much dust being tossed around and you don't want that in your engine. - We also prefer these upgraded vent filters.  

Upgraded the rear shocks for a smoother ride. (shocks will be available later this year) - Brap Brap, we love the sound and performance from the F&B Pipes - welded a trumpet on the end for an extra Brap Brap - Swapped the stock Egg Shell Fenders for the Mega Moto 212 Fenders.

Another game changer is going to be the GoPowerSports Juggernaut Driver.  This upgraded 30 series driver is an exact replacement that will eliminate belt slippage and will allow you to spin at a higher RPM.  These bad boys perform best with the governor out and are highly tune-able.  You may also keep the same belt and it fits in our Clear TAV Cover. - It is best to vent your block with these upgrades - If you are running a performance engine, we recommend you run performance chain.  This DID Chain is pre-stretched and has a higher tensile strength

Our biggest problem in our first Gambler race was throwing chain.  It was disheartening.  Luckily we fabricated two solutions:  Chain tensioner and chain guide.  

For the cherry on top, we added a Mychron5 Head unit to the minibike.  This on-board computer tracks time, RPM, MPH, and has a GPS map to keep track of our routes.  Too much?  Sure, but it is a very cool gadget to have at your disposal.

We hope to see everyone at the races and then Oregon Gambler Endurance Race in May.  And remember, Always Be Gamblin'!  Take care Race Team.