Lil' Rascal Parts List

Part Name Part #
Lil Rascal Frame G01-LRFRAME
Lil Rascal Handle Bars G01-LRHANDLEBARS
Neck Bolt G01-1213512HHCGR5Z1
Neck Nut G01-1213NIHNZ1
Neck Washers (3) G01-12WASHER
Neck Bushings (2) G01-12NECKBUSHING
Front Axle 12mm 90-10000-00
Front Axle Nut  G01-M12FRAXLE
Front Axle Spacers (2) G01-M12FRSPACER
Rear Axle 12mm GPS-90-10025-00
Rear Axle Nut G01-12MMRRNUT
Rear Axle Spacers (2) G01-M12RRSPACER
Mega Moto Front Wheel with 6201 bearings MM30-10016-00
Tire  (Cleat, Studs, Slicks, Streets) OPTION  
Mega Moto Rear Wheel with 6201 bearings MM30-10003-00
Tire (Cleat, Studs, Slicks, Streets) OPTION  
Mega Moto Rear Wheel Mounting Bolts (12) G01-M61016FBCL88Z1
Mega Moto Brake Kit (Lever & Cable) MMBKCO
Mega Moto Red Caliper MMGPS-50-10000-00
Mega Moto Red Caliper Mounting Bolts (2) G01-M61016FBCL88Z1
Mega Moto Red Caliper Spacers (4) G01-14WASHER
Little Rascal Brake Disc G01-LRBRAKEDISC
Kill Switch MM35410
Mega Moto Throttle Kit (Grips and Housing) MMTKIT
Mikuni Throttle Cable 40" - 90 Degree MKCARBCABL-40B
Foot Grips Pair 47474
Kick Stand Kit 1727
MB 6 Hole 420 Sprocket - 48T/54T/60T OPTION MBSP
#420-5' Chain 4203
Clutch - 1058 or 1041 OPTION 1041 or 1058
Coleman Chain Roller Assembly  23524
Coleman Chain Roller Bolt G01-M860BOLT
Coleman Chain Roller Nut G01-M8NUT
Coleman Chain Roller Washer G01-516WASHER
Coleman Chain Roller Lock Washer G01-516LOCKWASHER
8" Gas Tank - Black or Silver OPTION G01-TANK8
8" Gas Tank Bracket G01-GASBRKT
8" Gas Tank Bands (2) G01-GASBAND
8" Gas Tank Bracket Mount Bolts (4) G01-51634BOLT
8" Gas Tank Bracket Mount Nuts (4) G01-516NUT
8" Gas Tank Plastic 90 Barb Fitting KM500
Lil Rascal Seat OPTION  
Lil Rascal Seat Screws (3) G01-51634SEAT
GPS MB Chain Guard Mount Bolts (3) G01-51634BOLT
Lil Rascal Front Plate Sticker G01-STICKERFRONT
Lil Rascal Pull Start Circle Sticker G01-STICKERPULL
Lil Rascal Script Sticker G01-STICKERSCRIPT