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MB200/Baja Warrior Parts


  • 60T Sprocket Steel 46 Tooth Steel

    4 Hole Mini Bike Sprocket

    Will fit 8" wheels on the following: Coleman Mini Bikes TrailMaster MB-200 Baja Warrior and similar mini bikes with 8" wheels. Does not fit a standard 6" wheel, the 6" wheel has a 2 7/8" bolt pattern, use part #KD60T41DP.   Hole...

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  • Brake Pads, MB200-2

    Brake pad set for the TrailMaster MB200-2 with rear hydraulic brakes.   Dimensions: Center to Center Mounting Holes: 1.625" Width: 3" Height: 1.625"

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  • MB200 Fork Bearing Kit

    MB200 Fork bearing kit Includes: 2 - MB200Bearing Ball 1 - MB200 Front Fork Nut 1 - MB200 Lower Bearing Procured Bowl 1 - MB200 Lower Bearing Steel Bowl 1 - MB200 Upper Bearing Procured Bowl 1 - MB200 Upper...

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  • MB200-2 Hydraulic Brake Kit

    Hydraulic Brake Kit for the TrailMaster MB200-2 and can easily be used for other applications with a 7/8" Handlebar.  74" brake cable. Brake Caliper mounting holes are 2" from center to center.

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  • TrailMaster MB200-2 Mini Bike

    TrailMaster MB200-2 Mini Bike

    The MB200-2 minibike is considered the best overall minibike on the market.   ​​It features: ​​6.0 HP Engine ​Front and Rear Suspension ​Torque Converter ​Hydraulic Rear Brakes ​19" Tall Tires ​Wide Comfy Seat Headlight ​​Ideal for...

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