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MB200/Baja Warrior Parts


  • 60T Sprocket Steel 46 Tooth Steel

    4 Hole Mini Bike Sprocket

    Will fit 8" wheels on the following: Coleman Mini Bikes TrailMaster MB-200 Baja Warrior and similar mini bikes with 8" wheels. Does not fit a standard 6" wheel, the 6" wheel has a 2 7/8" bolt pattern, use part #KD60T41DP.   Hole...

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  • Gas Tank, Generic Motorcycle Style

    This is a universal gas tank that we found to be perfect for our Trailmaster MB200-2 Mini Bike! It can be quite hard to find the right size gas tank for these mini bikes but look no further! The height, width, and length of this tank work with the...

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  • mini bike pipe Header Pipe, MB200

    Header Pipe, MB200

    Designed so it does not point towards the rear fender.  Stays outside of the frame. Our most universal header. Works on: TrailMaster MB200 Coleman CT200U Baja Warrior (occasionally this header pipe needs to be bent away from the fender to fit...

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  • SALE
    Headlight, Dual Light with Horn

    Headlight, Dual Light with Horn

    Headlight, Dual Light Black Case w/ White Lights Magnified lens for greater coverage 750 Lumens Three different modes: constant on, slow flash, and fast flash Electric horn Easy strap connection fits most handlebars Rechargeable battery

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    Now: $12.95
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  • MB200 Fork Bearing Kit

    MB200 Fork bearing kit Includes: 2 - MB200Bearing Ball 1 - MB200 Front Fork Nut 1 - MB200 Lower Bearing Procured Bowl 1 - MB200 Lower Bearing Steel Bowl 1 - MB200 Upper Bearing Procured Bowl 1 - MB200 Upper...

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  • Universal Sprocket Adapter, 8" Wheels

    Universal Sprocket Adapter, 8" Wheels

    Made in the USA. This sprocket adapter fits most of the newer bikes that have 8" wheels. Great for converting your mini bike or gokart to the split sprockets for quick and cheap gear ratio changes. This adapter is precision made on a CNC so it will...

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