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MB200/Baja Warrior Parts


  • 60T Sprocket Steel 46 Tooth Steel

    4 Hole Mini Bike Sprocket

    Will fit 8" wheels on the following: Coleman Mini Bikes TrailMaster MB-200 Baja Warrior and similar mini bikes with 8" wheels. Does not fit a standard 6" wheel, the 6" wheel has a 2 7/8" bolt pattern, use part #KD60T41DP.   Hole...

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  • Brake Pads, MB200-2

    Brake pad set for the TrailMaster MB200-2 with rear hydraulic brakes.   Dimensions: Center to Center Mounting Holes: 1.625" Width: 3" Height: 1.625"

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  • MB200 Fork Bearing Kit

    MB200 Fork bearing kit Includes: 2 - MB200Bearing Ball 1 - MB200 Front Fork Nut 1 - MB200 Lower Bearing Procured Bowl 1 - MB200 Lower Bearing Steel Bowl 1 - MB200 Upper Bearing Procured Bowl 1 - MB200 Upper...

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  • MB200-2 Hydraulic Brake Kit

    Hydraulic Brake Kit for the TrailMaster MB200-2 and can easily be used for other applications with a 7/8" Handlebar.  74" brake cable. Brake Caliper mounting holes are 2" from center to center.

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  • Mini Bike Drive Wheel

    Mini Bike Drive Wheel

    Rear 8" rim for Trailmaster MB200, Baja Warrior and ColemanCT200UEX. Comes with 6202 bearings. Hub width bearing to bearing - 7 9/16" Rim Width - 5 1/4" Brake drum is 4 1/4" diameter Most common tire size used with is rim is 19x7-8.

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  • TrailMaster MB200-2 Mini Bike

    TrailMaster MB200-2 Mini Bike

    The MB200-2 minibike is considered the best overall minibike on the market.   ​MB200-2's features: ​​6.0 HP Engine ​Front and Rear Suspension ​Torque Converter ​Hydraulic Rear Brakes ​19" Tall Tires ​Wide Comfy...

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  • Universal Sprocket Adapter, 8" Wheels

    Universal Sprocket Adapter, 8" Wheels

    Made in the USA. This sprocket adapter fits most of the newer bikes that have 8" wheels. Great for converting your mini bike or gokart to the split sprockets for quick and cheap gear ratio changes. This adapter is precision made on a CNC so it will...

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