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Mega Moto Bike Parts


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  • 7/8" Handlebar Riser Clamp Kit

    Complete 7/8" riser kit, perfect pair with our 7/8" mini bike handlebars and bike suspension kit. Includes: 2 lower clamps 2 upper clamps 4 bolts 4 lock nuts Risers may have minor scratches on them.

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    Chain Tension Roller Kit

    Chain Tension Roller Kit

    Ready to install on: Mega Moto B80 Mega Moto B105 Mega Moto E1000 Includes: 40-10002-00 8mm ID ball bearing roller 90-10026-00 Chain Tensioner Bolt with nut 2 1/4" long 40-10014-00 Complete

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    Now: $12.95
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  • Complete Mega Moto Handle Bar Kit

    Kit Contains: Mega Moto Handle Bar Twist Grip and cable Brake Lever Assembly and cable Kill Switch Complete Handle Bar Kit Fits: Mega Moto B80 Mega Moto B105 As well as Monster Moto 80cc and 105cc Custom DIY projects

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  • Mega Moto 80/105 Adjustable Motor Mount Kit Side View Mega Moto 80/105 Adjustable Motor Mount Kit Top View

    Mega Moto 80/105 Adjustable Motor Mount Kit

    The Mega Moto 80/105 Adjustable Motor Mount is needed when putting 6.5HP engines in these Mega Moto 80 and 105 mini-bike frames.  Will need our Stage 1 Deluxe Kit as well to run this kit (the stock air box and muffler will not clearance). Kit...

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  • Mega Moto Throttle Twist Grip

    Handlebar throttle twist grip kit that will fit onto any 7/8" handlebar.  This kit is mainly seen on the Mega Moto's 80 and 105 Mini-Bike but will work on many other units.   Kit Includes: Left and Right Grip Throttle Tube Throttle Cable...

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  • Rear tire and wheel

    Mega Tire and Wheel Combo Mag

    Mini Bike Tire and Wheel Assembly 145 / 70 - 6 Off-Road Tires, uses a 10mm diameter axle. 6" Wheels for front and rear Fits Mega Moto / Monster Moto 80 -105 Moto Vox 80cc Doodle Bug DB30 as well as custom and DIY

    MSRP: $89.00
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  • Mini Bike Throttle Kit

    Mini Bike Throttle Kit

    CLOSE OUT SPECIAL - NO RETURNS KIT INCLUDES: 60-10004-01 - THROTTLE HOUSING, PLAIN W/ THROTTLE TUBE, L&R GRIPS 60-10006-00 - CABLE, THROTTLE (COMPATIBLE WITH B80/B105) 53" cable lenght, 47" housing Fits 7/8" / 22mm mini bike...

    MSRP: $39.95
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  • Universal Sprocket Adapter, 8" Wheels

    Universal Sprocket Adapter, 8" Wheels

    Made in the USA. This sprocket adapter fits most of the newer bikes that have 8" wheels. Great for converting your mini bike or gokart to the split sprockets for quick and cheap gear ratio changes. This adapter is precision made on a CNC so it will...

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