The Bolt Go Kart Kit

Posted by Jason Merrell on 22nd May 2024

Introducing the Bolt Go-Kart Kit from GoPowerSports, a premium bolt-together package meticulously crafted and engineered to deliver top-notch quality and an unparalleled experience. With just a few basic hand tools, assemble your very own Bolt Go-Kart from the ground up, immersing yourself in the thrill of creation.

But the excitement doesn't end there. With the included 98cc Gas Engine, you can effortlessly cruise around, feeling the rush of the track beneath you. Craving more power? Upgrade to a Tillotson 212 Engine or any other compatible 196cc Honda Clone Engine, unlocking even greater performance possibilities.

Personalize your ride by painting or powder coating to your heart's content. The Bolt Go-Kart boasts 2 pedal mounting locations, catering to both youth and adult riders.

Shipping in raw steel form with pre-drilled holes for easy installation, the Bolt Go-Kart Kit simplifies the assembly process. Access assembly videos and Parts Assembly charts to guide you through each step seamlessly. Should any questions arise, our dedicated Support Staff is just a message away, ensuring your journey from kit to kart is smooth and enjoyable. Explore the possibilities with the Bolt Go-Kart Kit today.

"The Bolt Go-Kart is a Game Changer."

"It's like Legos, that you can ride."

"Such a fun go-kart!"

This achievement is the result of a collaboration with the talented team at Build Break Repeat. Jason and Joe Bondi have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to this project, meticulously ensuring that every aspect is perfected. Their passion and expertise shine through in every detail.

To further assist you on your journey, they've generously provided a comprehensive step-by-step video tutorial for assembling the Bolt Go-Kart Kit. Dive into their expert guidance below and embark on your build with confidence.

To the right, you'll find a comprehensive packing list meticulously outlining every steel component that constitutes the Bolt Go-Kart Frame. This detailed guide has been curated to ensure clarity and ease in identifying each essential part included within your kit. By referencing this list, you'll navigate the assembly process with confidence and efficiency, empowering you to bring your Bolt Go-Kart to life seamlessly. Whether you're a seasoned builder or embarking on your first DIY project, this comprehensive breakdown serves as your roadmap, guiding you towards a successful and rewarding build experience.

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