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Axle Sprockets and Hubs

  • 8.010.077 / 623-0001

    REAR SPROCKET 150cc , 39T

    Rear sprocket 39 teeth (Models: GT, Standard, SS), 4 bolt pattern measures 3 1/8", center hole is 2 5/16", outer diameter is 8". Uses #50 chain 5/8 pitch.

    MSRP: $49.00
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  • Sprocket 54T- Dual Pattern

    Dual pattern holes, measuring across 2 7/8"  patterns. center hole is 2", total diameter of sprocket is 9". will work on numerous domestic go-karts.  Works with #41, 420 and 40 chain sizes.

    MSRP: $29.00
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  • Sprocket and Drum Mounting Hub

    Sprocket and Drum Mounting Hub

    Hub for mounting sprocket or brake drum to 3/4" or 1" axle. 4 bolt pattern mount 2-7/8" & 3-1/8" 4" Outer diameter 3/4" uses 3 1/6" key 1" uses 1/4" key Set includes: 2 set screws 4 bolts 4 lock nuts  

    MSRP: $19.95
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  • Universal Sprocket Adapter

    Universal Sprocket Adapter

    Made in the USA. This sprocket adapter fits the Monster Moto 80cc/105cc, Motovox, Doodlebug and Baja mini bikes with the 6 bolt hole pattern on the wheel. It will also fit any wheel that has a 2 7/8" hole pattern for the existing sprocket. Great for...

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  • Universal Sprocket Adapter, 8" Wheels

    Universal Sprocket Adapter, 8" Wheels

    Made in the USA. This sprocket adapter fits most of the newer bikes that have 8" wheels. Great for converting your mini bike or gokart to the split sprockets for quick and cheap gear ratio changes. This adapter is precision made on a CNC so it will...

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