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No Returns or Refunds on Crankshafts, Please be sure of what you are ordering. If you have questions, please call before ordering.

  • Crankshaft, Stroker, 56mm/2.205" Stroke

    Crankshaft, Stroker, 56mm/2.205" Stroke

    High quality heat treated "stroker" crank. The entire crankshaft is heat treated resulting in a beautiful finish, less flex at high rpm, and more reliability then stock cranks and cheaper options. This crankshaft is .080" more stroke then a 196cc clone...

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  • Tillotson 212E Crankshaft, 2.165" Stroke

    Tillotson 212E Crankshaft, 2.165" Stroke

    The KD212-1275 is the stock OEM crankshaft assembly for the 212cc Tillotson Engine (blue), with a 54.94mm (2.165") stroke. This Crankshaft accepts the clone/honda flywheels and connecting rods but has .040" more stroke then the 196/200's which makes this...

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