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  • 150cc, 300cc Brake/Starter Relay (6.000.036)

    150cc, 300cc Brake/Starter Relay

    The 150cc, 300cc Brake/Starter Relay is a crucial component for your vehicle's electrical system. This high-quality relay is specifically designed to control the power supply to your brake and starter systems, ensuring that they function properly. With...

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  • Diode (6.000.161)


    A diode is an electronic component that conducts current in one direction while blocking current in the opposite direction. It is a two-terminal device that is used in a variety of electrical circuits to regulate voltage, convert AC to DC, and protect...

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  • Control Relay - HHSS (6.000.072)

    Control Relay - HHSS

    A Control Relay is an electrical switch that is used to control the flow of electricity in a circuit. It is designed to handle high currents and voltages and can be used to turn devices on or off. Control Relays are commonly used in industrial and...

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