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Reverse Cables

  • 150CC Reverse Cable 61" 2-Pack 150CC Reverse Cable 61" 2-Pack

    150CC Reverse Cable 61" 2-Pack

    This reverse cable works on all Hammerhead 150cc go-karts as well as most Carter and other Chinese go-karts with external reverse units. Total length of cable is 61" with round balls on both ends. Keep a spare around to avoid down time.

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  • 6.000.034-040 / 630-001 - 539-1000

    150cc Go Kart Cable Combo Set

    These cables work on all Hammerhead 150cc gokarts and most other Chinese brands.  Reverse cable is part# 6.000.040, and is 60" long.  The Throttle cable is part# 6.000.034, and is 77" long.   Save money and eliminate down...

    MSRP: $59.00
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  • 14750-40002-300gk Cable Equalizer

    Cable Equalizer

    Used to equalize the cables used for forward and reverse operation. This replaces the original plastic style. Used on 150cc American Sportworks, TrailMaster and late model Hammerhead karts with internal reverse.

    MSRP: $24.00
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  • SALE

    150/300cc Shifter Cable 62" (Internal Reverse)

    Works on all 150cc/300cc series TrailMaster and 150cc American Sportworks and late model Hammerhead go-karts with internal reverse. Overall length is 66" long, 59" conduit and barrels on both ends. Does not work on Carter brand 150 karts.This is a...

    MSRP: $24.00
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