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  • Strut Spindle for Midxrs

    Strut Spindle for Midxrs

    Used on Trailmaster Midxrs. Will not fit the Coleman KT196 Karts   Housing shaft is 5.875" in length. 2.000.055-XRS is the passenger side 2.000.057-XRS is the driver side

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  • 2.000.055-80-2.000.057

    Strut Spindle for Midxrx/ 80T

    80t strut. Used on Hammerhead 80T and TrailMaster Midxrx karts with 6.5hp engine. This strut does not work with the 80cc Hammerhead or TrailMaster Mid XRS models.  Hardware not included.TrailMaster Mid XRS uses the 2.100.055 / 057   2.000.055-...

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  • 2.000.028-150-2.000.027 Strut and Spindle Support, 150/250cc

    Strut and Spindle Support, 150/250cc

    Strut used on many Chinese karts150/ 250 and 300cc. Fender bracket bolts to the strut with two bolts. Axle length is 3 1/2" and stem is 17" long. Note these struts work with the Carter 150cc kart but not the Carter 250cc. Does work with the Hammerhead,...

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  • 2.000.005 Support Strut and Spindle, 150/250

    Support Strut and Spindle, 150/250

    Strut works on Hammerhead 150/250 models. Also with Carter and many other 150cc karts. Does not work with Carter 250cc go-karts Choose driver side or passenger side. The axle length on this strut is 3 1/2" some of the earlier models used a strut with a...

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