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V Tread Tires

  • 19x7-8 Off-Road Coffin Tire 19x7-8 Off-Road Coffin Tire

    19x7-8 Off-Road Coffin Tire

    19x7-8 Off-Road Tire with the "Coffin" pattern tread.  19" Tall Tire Fits on 8" rims 4 Ply Not Highway Rated Great all terrain tire for minibikes, go karts, side by sides, golf carts and many other powersport vehicles.  

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  • 18x9.50-8 V Tread Tire

    18x9.50-8 V Tread Tire

    Cool looking tires designed for off-road fun that fit on 8" rims. Tires are 18" tall and 9.5" wide. For domestic karts works well with our 3552 live axle wheels.  

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  • 16x8-7 V-Tread Tire

    16x8-7 V-Tread Tire

    Popular V tread ATV tire used on some go-karts. Check tire before ordering there is also a 16x7-8 that goes on a 8" diameter rim - 16" tall - 8" wide - Fits on a 7" rim

    MSRP: $69.95
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  • 16x6-8 V Tread Tire 9.100.311-KD1668V

    16x6-8 V Tread Tire

    Used on the front of the Trailmaster Mid XRX and Hammerhead 80T karts as well as the rear on the TrailMaster Mid XRS kart.  16" tall tire that fits on a 8" rim.

    MSRP: $59.00
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    16x7-8 V Tread Rear Tire 80T/ MidX 7.020.078-KD1678V

    16x7-8 V Tread Rear Tire 80T/ MidX

    These tires are commonly used on youth go kart models such as the Hammerhead MudHead,  Hammerhead 80T,  American SportWorks Marauder and Trailmaster Mid XRX and several other brands and youth karts.Hammerhead part # 7.020.078

    MSRP: $69.00
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